Inez Valk-Kempthorne | table on ten | on the catskills.

Inez Valk-Kempthorne | table on ten | on the catskills.

spotlight on the catskills | inez valk-kempthorne.

Name: Inez Valk-Kempthorne

Age: 32

Star sign: Leo

Hometown: Culemborg, Netherlands.

Where do you live now?  Bloomville, NY.

When did you move here, and why? 2011. To try a different way of life.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: tall, busy, hungry.

What do you do here? Run Table on Ten.

What makes this area so special? Its own unique human microclimate.

Where can we get a good coffee? I'm not too proud to say ... Table on Ten.

Favorite local producers (what can we buy and where)?!

Star Route Farm - vegetables

Byebrook Farm - raw milk and cheese

Dan Finn Farm - cheese, pork, maple syrup

Last Harvest farm - eggs and vegetables

Delaware Phoenix - absinthe and bourbon

Lucky Dog Farm - vegetables

Flaca Vaca Farm - beef

Thyme Hill Farm - lamb

Favorite pizza on the menu? Whatever we're doing as a seasonal weekly special.

Favorite hike nearby? Through the woods, home, at the end of a long day.

Where should we ski in winter? Plattekill Mountain.

Favorite time of year in the Hudson Valley? Summer, naturally.

What is on your stereo? 14 and a half hours of music, all released in 1972.

Who is inspiring you right now? Emily and Melissa from Four & Twenty Blackbirds (opening up their new production space, constantly growing, seeking out new possibilities).

Words you live by...'Order in!' 'Right behind!'

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