robert earl thomas | widowspeak | on the catskills.

robert earl thomas | widowspeak | on the catskills.

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Name: Robert Earl Thomas

Age: 26

Star sign: Scorpio.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois USA.

Where do you live now? I live in Saugerties by the historic lighthouse. I moved a year ago from Brooklyn, though I was a frequent visitor to the region before that.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Curious, Loyal and Creative (I hope...).

What do you do here? I work at the reception desk at The Graham & Co hotel in Phoenicia.  I check in guests and help set the vibe with music, incense and campfires.

What makes this area so special? The Hudson Valley and Catskill regions are remarkably beautiful and while easily accessible to/form New York City they offer a history and culture all their own.

Favorite place for coffee? Outdated in Kingston. Good coffee and food, and a basement full of old stuff (clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, etc). Plus it's on Wall St. in Kingston's Stockade/Uptown District, alongside other restaurants, shops and bars.

Favorite hike? Giant Ledge has outstanding views.  Slide Mountain is very challenging, but it has some fantastic rock formations on the way up.  It was the favored trail of John Burroughs, the Catskills' counterpart to John Muir.

Best place to see live music? BSP Lounge, also in Uptown Kingston.  They host the best local bands and bring in national touring acts on their way to/from NYC.

Best place for a cosy dinner? Peekamoose Tavern in Big Indian.  I like to eat in the tap room.

Favorite nearby town for a daytrip? Since I've plugged Kingston enough I'd have to say Hudson.  Warren St has plenty to keep you busy for a day, especially if you like furniture.

What is on your stereo? Karen Dalton, Kris Kristofferson, and the new Devendra Banhart.

Who is inspiring you right now? Tom Robbins and Edward Abbey.

Words you live by… Life's too complicated for "words to live by." :)

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