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Name: Sky Gilbar

Age: 34

Star sign: Taurus, born on Mayday.

Hometown: Santa Barbara.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Creatively optimistic.

What gets you out of bed each day? I thrive on the challenge of designing things that people love and make a difference. 

Your connection to Montecito? I was born and raised in Montecito. I grew up in a little house close to Butterfly Beach. I stress 'little house' so you don't get the impression that every kid grows up in a mansion. Our house was very small and simple. :). I went to Montecito Union School, friends and family are here as well.

What makes Montecito so special? Long summer days and evening bonfires at Hammonds, hiking up to Saddle Rock, riding bikes everywhere as kids.

Where can we get a good coffee? I venture into Santa Barbara for good coffee. The French Press is a favorite for great pourovers. Also love Intelligentsia coffee, which is served at Crushcakes in SB and in Carpinteria. Make sure to check out Whistle Club in Paseo Nuevo, a boutique that has a popup style coffee bar inside serving exclusively Stumptown Coffee.

What do you do here? I'm a creative director and digital strategist, and my passion is working with meaningful brands and organizations at the intersection of creative innovation and purpose.

Butterfly beach or Biltmore pool? Butterfly beach then hit the Biltmore's pool at the Coral Casino if you can get in. :)

Favorite hike? Romero Canyon Loop. Head up the single track and down the road. Can't beat that view.

Best spot for a sundowner? Head to Butterfly Beach with some Figueroa Mountain beers or chilled rose and find a spot on the sand. Fav post up spots are below the wall near the Biltmore, the far end of the beach back towards SB, or down the beach the other way from the Biltmore to Hammonds Meadow.

Favorite weekend getaway from Montecito: Ojai.

Who is currently inspiring you? Tobias Van Schneider for visual design (IG: @vanschneider), Rose & Fitzgerald for life and style (IG: @roseandfitzgerald), Jakob Antalik's UI/UX (Dribbble:, The app Map for travel inspiration (IG: @madewithmap), and IDEO (IG: @ideo) as well as Hyperakt (IG: @hyperakt) for purposeful, human-centered design.

What is on your stereo at the moment? Right now: 'Hours' by Tycho; this week:  Chico Mann, Lord Huron, Paul Simon.

Words you live by...'Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.' – Einstein.

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