chris sewell | co-founder, shelter social club | ojai.

chris sewell | co-founder, shelter social club | ojai.


Name: Chris Sewell / shelter social club.

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Why Ojai: work and play

How often do I visit: 3 days a week

What gets me out of bed each day: coffee and the hope that we will be able to continue to grow Shelter Social Club.

Describe myself in three words: hunter, seeker, and curator of beautiful objects, artist, and culture 

Ultimate Ojai weekend: stay at Ojai Rancho Inn (which I hear is such a great spot), ride bike to Bamboo Creek Spa, go to a morning meditation at Mediation Mountain, spend a couple of hours having coffee and looking through art, design, and architecture books at Bart's Books, and hit Sunday AM Farmers Market for tamales. 

Best place to watch the sun go down-a outside table at Jimmy's Pub at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa while having a beer.

Favorite hike: Signal Street Trail

Favorite place to get caffeine fix: free a.m. coffee at the Ojai Rancho Inn feat. Centri Coffee

Favorite Ojai gems: Hot Springs, Bart’s Books, Mediation Mount, Krishnamurti Foundation, Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts.

Inspiration currently: Mickey Muennig (Big Sur Architect), Jean Touitou (Founder of A.P.C.), Moises Micha & Carlos Couturier (Founding partners at Groupo Habita).

On my stereo: William Onyeabor, and King Krule.

Life motto: As cheesy as it is "only by letting go can you truly posses what is real"

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