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Name: Fanis

Age: 32

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: Lefkada

Where do you live now? Stockholm

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: curious, restless.

How often do you visit Athens? I used to live in Athens for 10 years. Right now I try to visit Athens 4 times a year at least!

We only have 24 hours here, where should we go? Start with a cup of coffee at Alexandrino, Em. Benaki Street in Exarxheia. Old Athenean-style, tiny, and with great coffee. Then grab a cheese bread or olive bread from a local bakery (you'll find them in every corner) and wander in the area of Exarxheia, known for it's political active inhabitants and artists. The area is full of publishing houses & old bookstores. A visit to a bookbinding workshop is a must! Go to Lakis in Tzavella Street, and he will happily show you how he finds old books & does the binding ;) Then head a bit south, still in Exarxheia, and take a seat in "Lesvos" (Em. Benaki Str.) for seafood tapas, plates and some ouzo. Old locals hang out there for some delicious seafood and stories from the sea. The archaeological museum of Athens, not far away from Exarcheia,  (Patission Str.) definitely worth a visit. It must be already afternoon, so head towards Monastiraki & Psiri. Just look high up and follow Acropolis and you'll get there ;) Wander in the Psiri neighborhood, full of old stores where you can find treasures really cheap. It's time for a break, so get some beer in Handlebar (Melanthiou Str.) where the local bikers hang out and the music is never disappointing :) Also ask for the daily plate if you are hungry ;) Then go to 6 d.o.g.s in Avramiotou Str. It's an old backyard nicely made where the atmosphere makes you forget about the noise in Athens. Get an afternoon cocktail there and continue to the old flea market of Monastiraki. It has become very commercial but you'll always find something nice and it’s worth a visit anyway. Ask where Dionisiou Aeropagitou Str. is (it's not far) and follow the stone road around Acropolis. Visit the Acropolis museum. The time should be around 9-10 pm so head to Kerameikos area, following the pedestrian part of Ermou Str. (always ask the locals). Go to "Cabezon" in Kerameikou Str. for beers/liquors/tapas from different parts of Greece. Ask locals for your next stop and try to be spontaneous, the area of Kerameikos is full of small bars.

Favorite coffee / breakfast spot? Greeks rarely have breakfast, a coffee and a croissant will do ;) But if you want to have a nice breakfast go to Jimmy's coffee shop (Valaoritou Str.) for warm croissants, American breakfast & a variety of sandwiches.

Best place for a fun dinner with friends? "Klimataria" taverna, with live greek music and great dishes! It looks like an internal garden, full of plants and happy customers.

Where can we drink on a rooftop? "Bios" in Pireos Str. is the ultimate place, nice music, nice cocktails and great view to Acropolis and the old town of Athens.

Best place to watch the sun go down? "Filopappou" hill. Green hill with cypress and olive trees, surrounded by ancient finds. Go to the top! It's good for both sunrise & sunset.

Where to go for some new threads? I'd personally go to second-hand stores ("Yesterday's bread" in Kallidromiou Str. is a good example). Also, explore small new designers shops in Kolonaki.

And are there any galleries or exhibitions we should check out? "Kunsthalle Athena". Various contemporary exhibitions.

Favourite weekend getaway outside of Athens? "Aigina". It's an island close to Athens. Take the boat form Pireas and you'll be there in an hour ;)

Who is inspiring you right now? Old locals from my village.

Who is on your stereo? Wun-two, Flofilz.

Words you live by...  Everything is possible!

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