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It's Beautiful Here
in Athens

With Stella Panagopoulou

Stella and I met in Greece this summer. Sharing a mutual friend (in the very gorgeous Allegra Pomilio), we spent a long weekend together at Allegra's Mèlisses on the island of Andros. An Athens local, Stella has since become a gorgeous friend to me in Athens and we caught up many times over the 4-5 months I was in Greece this year. I am incredibly inspired by this clever woman. Stella (and her business partner, Valisia Gotsi) founded ethical designer brand 2WO+1NE=2 back in 2017. They craft everything by hand in their Athens atelier. I spent time watching their process one day and it's incredible to see the level of detail and care and time spent on each piece. Each of their collections draws inspiration from a different city around the world. Their current collection (Colorado) is a particular favourite of mine. 

It is such an honour to feature Stella here. I love her style and trust her recommendations implicitly.


You can follow the 2WO+1NE=2 journey here.  

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Star Sign: Sagittarius


Hometown: Athens, Greece


Describe yourself in 3 words or less...

Blithe, day-dreamer BUT organised


Describe Athens in 3 words or less...

Loud, chaotic, diverse


What inspires you here?

That the residents of Athens, in every artistic field, are so good at multitasking and are so resourceful. I love the fact that Athens is becoming more and more an artistic hub and that pushes Athenians to discover and evolve their artistic endeavours. Also, I'm not mad at the fact that it is really hard to eat bad food in Athens and Greece in general..  There are just so many options!


Tell us a little about 2W0+1NE=2...

Me along with Valisia, started "2W0+1NE=2" five years ago as a way to express ethically and sustainably our love for fashion combined with our love for the arts and the avant-garde movements of the 20th century. The concept of the brand is based on the idea of nomadism. Every collection gets its name from a city around the world, and we draw inspiration during our research for every one, from every aspect of each city, but mainly from its art scene, cinema, movements, music, architecture and of course the people who inhabit it. That way, we always get to learn new, unexpected things and expand our knowledge and at the same time challenge ourselves to create a collection in tune with all of our previous ones but with a very different jumping-off point inspiration-wise.


What does a normal day look like for you in Athens?  

Working days are always different from one another, but I always start my day with a coffee from Samba and end it cooking(the relaxed days!) at home with my boyfriend.  During the week-ends I always avoid the center of Athens and head either North or South, depending on my mood. Mountains or sea? Athens is diverse, as we said!


Favourite places for:


Rule of 4m, Samba, The Rabbit Punch, Third Place

A long lunch with friends:

To Lokali, Al3x-the fresh pasta bar, Ergon House



Argoura, Duende, Annie fine cooking, Stoa Kerameikos, LS and Sia, Phita, Ovio, Feedel, Travolta, Tsiftis Gastrokoutouki



Teddy Boy for the best music in town or Barrett (but only if Valisia is behind the decks)



Nomad Concept Store, Oh So Souvenir To Me, Myran, Paraphernalia, the shop of Museum of Cycladic Art, Kopria and of course 2W0+1NE=2's atelier!


A sunset drink:

The centre of Athens is full of terraces ideal for sunset gazing but I would prefer Sofi's Eatery in Vouliagmeni after a swim at the Lake.


Farmers market:

Every neighborhood has a particular day of the week an open-air farmer's market, but the one at Kallidromiou at Exarchia every Saturday is where you'll see the cool kids



the new Goulandris Foundation, Museum of Cycladic Art, but my favourites are the galleries and independent art shows in Noucmas, CAN Gallery, Carwan Gallery, Rodeo Gallery and many more



Onassis Stegi has, in my opinion, the greatest program whether it's avant-garde concerts, Theatre, Exhibitions, Seminars... you name it! Odeio Athinon is also slowly becoming a favourite.



Onassis Stegi, Odeio Athinon, SNFOrg, Megaron



Karpenisi, Kalavryta, Meteora, Metsovo, Peloponnese in general, Zagorochoria


Favourite island getaway:

Andros, Hydra, Amorgos, Tinos

What are your favourite neighbourhoods to explore? I have always loved the energy at Ano Petralona. Also Pagrati, Kifisia, Kypseli, as of late, have so many interesting things happening in the neighbourhood

What are your 3 favourite hotels in Athens? 

Shila, Mona, The Modernist

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Where are you travelling to next? 

Copenhagen and hopefully Peru!

Window or aisle seat? 

Train: always window,

Airplane: aisle, I think the window seat is overrated

What 3 things are always in your suitcase? 

A book, a turtleneck(winter)/white shirt(summer), antiseptic (was there waaaay before Covid)

Who is inspiring you right now? 

All the female artists, ceramicists, sculptors, writers that I discover occasionally. Also I'm really lucky to be surrounded by great, inspirational women every day.

Can I do a name dropping? I will!

Efi Falida, Alexia Chrysochoidou, Katerina Foti, Katerina Charou, Sevastiana Konstaki, Lito Kattou, Andromachi Deligianni, Evi Souli, Christina Androulidaki, Maria Pampoukidi, Chrysa Oikonomopoulou, Allegra Pomilio...

Actually there are so many that we decided to start a project for 2W0+1NE=2 called "Muses" to celebrate all those amazing creatures.

Other local Greek brands you love? 

Iride De Portu, Aumorfia, Aenao Design, Apivita (local tip: try their amazing smoothies only available in Apivita Experience Store)

What is on your stereo? 

Swans, Iannis Xenakis, Einstürzende Neubauten, Diamanda Galás, Olivier Messiaen, John Cage, Strawberry Pills, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Coil, Ceremony, Cold Cave, Holograms, Heimerinoi Kolymvites, Lebanon Hanover, Nightstalker, Malaria!, Throbbing Gristle, Tom Waits.

Words you live by…  

I really dislike inspirational quotes so I'll mention my favourite phrase "...and Bob's your uncle!". Hope it counts!

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