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Finding Beauty in Isolation in Bondi.

Anna Pihan is a name to remember. This talented photographer has an exceptionally beautiful style and aesthetic. She also makes for a flawless travel companion. Here, Anna shares with us what life is like on lockdown in Sydney's Bondi Beach.
(As part of our #ItsBeautifulHereinIsolation series)
Introducing Anna Pihan - friend, photographer, voyageur, aesthete. 
Anna and I had been 'friends' via social media for many years, but it wasnt until last December - when I needed a plus one for a trip my then-boyfriend was meant to be joining me on - that I hit Anna up at the 11th hour and invited her to come. The first time we met in real life was at Cairns airport before starting a 3hr drive into the Outback. It was serendipitous how it all worked out. I was dealing with a massive heartbreak, and Anna also. In those 3 days we developed a closeness that will always remain. She is a special (and very talented) woman, and I am delighted to feature her here.

Name: Anna Pihan

Star Sign: Gemini

Hometown: Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Where do you live now? In a light filled Art Deco apartment close to Bondi Beach.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less… Inquisitive, kind, impulsive.

Describe Sydney in 3 words or less… Beauty, ocean-pools, sunshine. 

How long have you been isolating for now? This is day 17, I flew back from Los Angeles (work trip) last week and have been isolating ever since.


Who are you isolating with? With my boyfriend. It’s so nice to have this time together.


What is the vibe like in Sydney? I haven’t been out much! But it feels still, somewhat relaxed, we’re not in full lockdown. It’s an odd time, like winter when all the travellers have gone home, and only the locals remain.

You are one clever woman - a flight attendant being just one of the many things you do (amazing photographer, another). What does the work landscape look like for you at the moment? Although flying has come to a stop for now my days are still busy. Working to get my online print shop up (will be live very soon), an exciting collaboration and some personal projects are getting more attention with this extra time.

Do you have any tips you can share for sticking to, or starting a new kind of daily routine? I’m terrible at sticking to a routine… 


Do you have any daily rituals you can share? Admittedly it doesn’t happen everyday but I do love hand-grinding coffee beans and making a fresh cup of coffee for us in my Bialetti stovetop at some point during the day. The smell of freshly ground coffee feels like home.

Are you finding more creative inspiration in this time? Yes. Having more time at home and less jet lag always helps!


What other creative outlets do you turn to? Pottery with air-drying clay and photographing still lifes in the ever-changing light in my apartment. Sourcing pieces for the home and for friends at a distance who need a helping hand styling their place.


Have you been cooking a bunch? Do you have any recipes you can share? We have been cooking a lot. On warmer afternoons I’ve made Elderflower Gins — ice, gin, elderflower syrup from Austria, a squeeze of fresh lime topped with soda or tonic water and then served with a slice of lime and fresh mint.

What is on your stereo? A little bit of everything, depends on how I’m feeling… classical when I’m working. I like Tame Impala’s new album Slow Rush, Cigarettes After Sex, Spotify playlists by Carpenter’s Daughter. French lyrics to transport me. La femme à la peau bleue by Vendredi sur Mer has been on repeat a lot lately!

Are there any podcasts you are loving at the moment? Global News Podcast by BBC to stay up-to-date, or Deutsche Welle in German to keep up my first language; The Knowledge Project and Design Matters by Debbie Millman (she has the most soothing voice and does her research well).

And any books? Magazines over books at the moment. I love Kennedy Magazine, Apartmento and Holiday Magazine. ‘How To Eat a Peach’ is a lovely cookbook that takes you from Istanbul to Italy with lovely stories and wonderful recipes. 


Have you been turning to any online shopping? For essentials mainly — Iggy’s in Bronte have started delivering their delicious rye and caraway loafs, croissants (like no other) and hot-cross buns for Easter to our door.


What brands are you supporting right now? Small businesses like Nagnata for ethically made merino wool movement wear, Hotel Magique for hand-designed graphic prints and cute cards to send to friends, Lesse for the most magical charcoal face mask and ritual face oil and one of Oscar Piccolo’s lamps!


Have you still been getting out and about for movement/exercise? What does that look like for you? Stretches and quick workouts at home. Evening fresh air walks on quiet residential streets around the area, eyes feasting on architectural and floral beauties.


Any mindfulness/meditation? A lot of mindfulness, this is a perfect time to reset ourselves, catch up on sleep and be kind to our bodies. Time for self reflection, to become more aware of ourselves, what we are grateful for, what we’d like to change once this passes and how we’d like to evolve.


When this blooming virus goes away, where will you be travelling to next? For a swim in the ocean first thing! Then Japan with my boyfriend. He lived there for a few years and I can’t wait to see it through his eyes. I also would love to give Australian fire affected areas some love and then back to Ischia, Austria and Norway!


Are you a window or aisle seat kinda gal? Depends on how full the flight is! Preferably seat by the window to gaze at the ever-changing scenery. Business, if it’s available.


What 3 things are always in your suitcase? Tanliines bikini, pen and my film camera (rolls of film).

What are your 3 favourite hotels in the world? So hard to narrow down to three. I have fond memories at Nobu Ryokan in Malibu, Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood and Beldi Country Club in Marrakech.


Who is inspiring you right now? Nikole Herriott and Ana Dominguez for still life, architecture and design by Charlotte Perriand and forever inspired by Jean Pierrot black and white film photography and Romain Laprade.


Words you live by… Resilience.


And lastly, who are you most looking forward to hugging when all of this is over?!! Family, friends and all their babies.

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