maggie hansdorfer | brooklyn.

maggie hansdorfer | brooklyn.

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Name: Maggie Hansdorfer

Age: 32

Star sign: Taurus

Hometown: Hmm…don’t really have a home town- I guess Lake Forest, IL or Warsaw, Poland?

Where do you live now? NYC

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Ambitious, intuitive, fun-loving.

Describe NY in 3 words or less: Fast, inspiring, exhausting.

What do you do here? I have a fashion consulting agency helping brands grow their business.

What does a normal day entail for you? Run, coffee catch up with sister and nephews (yes, everyday), go to work in the city from 10am-8pm average, if time go back to the Burg to meet husband for dinner, a few emails before bed. Wash, rinse, repeat.

What makes Williamsburg so special? There’s a reason we all moved to NYC. Theres also a reason we will all eventually leave. Williamsburg is the balance we all need to stay longer, to accomplish more, to have kids, to enjoy summer on rooftops and strolls through the park, to extend our ticket on infinite good times while our careers thrive in a less overwhelming capacity. Oh and officially 90% of our friends have moved here from Manhattan.

Favorite coffee spot? Easy. Reunion Cafe in Williamsburg. Friendly faces meet you every day with banter, good music, and the best food that’s causal yet tasty. The atmosphere is so chill and yet the food rivals some of the best restaurants in a very unassuming way. From the standard yet amazing avo toast with poached eggs, to israeli salad with crunchy, crisp, piping hot sourdough served with organic dipping sauces and eggs, to my ultimate fave the Sabich Bowl. Five Leaves also a must but that is just in general for all meals and anytime.

Favorite yoga class? Not a huge yogi (prefer outdoor runs) but I used to go to Yoga to the People on N. 11th.

Best spot for a sundowner? Still a huge fan of the Wythe hotel rooftop but also love Northern Territory and eager to see what all these new developments bring. Wythe still holds the best view of the city to date though.

Best pizza? Oooh- this is a toss up. Always been a huge fan of Oregano on Berry- homemade pizza and melon covered burrata for the books. There is also a new one that is UNREAL- Sotocasa on N. 12th…super cool big place with a large oven and the best charcuterie and cheese served with a pizza crust with cracked sea salt and rosemary. Amazing pizzas and owned by the cutest, most lovely Italian couple who make it a point to make you feel like you’re literally in a trendy hidden hot spot in Milano. Really cruisy and highly recommend (great music too.)

Any other secret finds we should know about in brroklyn? Llama Inn (incredible new dinner spot that’s opening their rooftop soon for snacks and cocktails,) Lilia coffee bar for morning Americanos and grape and rosemary focaccia (not so secret anymore), back garden of Calexico for the best fish tacos and margvesas (yes, frozen margarita with a beer poured over), Pearl’s for a hangover (Caribbean lively joint with huge outdoor space in back), and one of my fave's Beco- the best little Brazilian joint filled with loud south american gossip and live music that literally makes you feel like your on holidays as you sip on Caipirinhas and snack on chorizo. 

Where do you go to catch a live gig? Live gigs in the Burg? Brooklyn Bowl, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Knitting Factory, Rough Trade, Output.

Next trip…? LA for work next week, Portugal for fun first two weeks of May (and house hunting!).

What are some of the quirky things you always do when traveling? I always travel with my trucker hat snapped to my carry on as I like to wear it away (makes it feel officially like I’m on holidays even if Im traveling for work). Admittedly I lost my favorite one (read Red Eye Bar) in Guatemala on a bus that broke down and I stormed off after arguing with the driver…bet some local kid is sporting it now. I love to scribble in mini journals when I go abroad and notate simple moments that really move me. Last but not least, I HATE to plan when I travel. I have never been able to stick to an itinerary and so winging it always works out in my favor. 

Whats an interesting fact about you that most people wouldn’t know? I was a political refugee in Austria when fleeing communist Poland with my family.

What’s on your stereo? Currently: Los Angeles by Danny Darko feat. Hannah Young- Slinko Remix Pt 1. Yes, that’s the whole title and its been on repeat all week. 

Words you live by… Family, good friends, witty banter, laughter, delicious food and wine, music, and a whole lotta sunshine are as good as it gets for me. Nothing more nothing less.

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