spotlight on byron bay | chantel barber.

name: chantel barber

ge: 40 (wholly hell!!!)

star sign: cancer

ometown: port macquarie, australia

how long have you been in byron? 10+ years

what gets you out of bed each morning? usually my 4 year old boy and the noisy cooks outside needing to be let out of their pen!

what makes byron so special? i have always felt the nature and people here is what makes byron the incredible place it is. the surrounding lush green hinterlands with tucked away waterfalls, cafes and secret alternative abodes. the vast stretches of incredible beaches, most untouched but all incredibly clean and wild in their natural beauty. And the melting pot of people that all made their way here for various reasons - the hippies, the artisans, the surfers and the soul searchers. its such a hotbed of creatives and vibrant human beings that seem to end up in the bay at different stages of their lives.

favorite coffee spot? personally i love sparrows coffee, but its a grab your coffee and keep walking kind of hole in the wall. otherwise i love "woods cafe" in the back streets of bungalow.

avorite beach? i love whites beach for a full day picnic adventure, but otherwise belongil is our fav so we can take our dog and not battle with parking.

ultimate byron weekend... morning yoga, followed by the farmers markets, healthy vibrant brekkie at the woods cafe in bangalow in their herb garden, followed by some shopping in Bangalow - island deluxe, my corner store, bisque, babylon etc. afternoon at the beach with a good book, sunset drinks at the tree house on the beach or the roadhouse. dinner at the roadhouse - always delicious food and relaxed funky environment. 

here to watch the sunset? i don't think you can beat the sunset at the lighthouse. to watch the sun slowly sink behind the mountains across the bay is just breathtaking. this location for sunset is quite touristy but never disappoints.

avorite weekend outside of byron? for our little family its woody head, about 1 hour south of byron. we camp along the beachfront and love the fact that theres no electricity or tourists. its heavenly. 

ho's on your stereo? leon bridges, nick drake, al green, darkside, papertrails.

ho's inspiring you right now? anyone who is actually doing something about the state of the planet. I'm inspired by the people are fighting for our freedom and who are trying to bring awareness to issues of human rights, animal rights, and the preservation of our fragile planet.

words you live by... keep it simple and live with less.