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Coastal Luxe



This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful Aussie beach houses I have found on my travels so far. A perfect coastal retreat. Architecturally-designed, super spacious and full of natural light, this is the perfect low-key yet super special place for family and friends to gather close to the sea.

Surrounded by banksia forest in St Andrews Beach on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, it is so close to the back beach that you can hear the wild waves roar.

It is very beautiful here.

If you appreciate beautiful art (there is lots of extraordinary indigenous art throughout) and good design, this is the place for you. Everything here has been so thoughtfully considered. You'll find vintage ceramics, Scandinavian furniture, and other treasured objects, this is a meticulously crafted but relaxed weekender.

Entering the house via a little footbridge you will arrive into an earthy, coastal retreat with its own outdoor spa, open fireplace, pool table and massive shared spaces for gathering. There are four big bedrooms on a half-acre of land.

The perfect base for exploring this rugged coastline.


Why I love it

I love this house for many reasons. I love the quiet and peaceful setting amongst the banksia forest. I love the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and floods of natural light. I love the indigenous art and other curiosities. I love the master bedroom with its doors that open out on to the trees and the shower that has a similar bush view.

Owner Keryn says ‘We want guests to do as we do. Put their feet up, relax and unwind, share beautiful times with friends and family because that’s what the place is built for.’ And that's exactly what you do here. 

It's a beautiful space with lots of communal dining areas and places to hang out. Plenty of space for adults and kids to live harmoniously :) 


About the owners

As founder of video production company, Fancy Films, Keryn Nossal is a creative at heart, which is expressed throughout the entire relaxed and nurturing environment that is Coastal Luxe. She shares a passion for architecture, art and design with her husband Steve and now with lucky guests at the coastal haven they have created at St Andrews Beach.  


Keryn’s unique collections have caught the eye of many a guest, especially the salt and pepper collection, and are often used in photoshoots.

What to do nearby

IMG_1071 2.HEIC

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What to bring


LF X Fella Swimwear


LF Sarong


Nomasei x LF Sandals 

Other Beautiful Places

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