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Spotlight on Los Angeles.

Local insider interview with Zach Hurd, Musician, Bay Ledges.

I first met Zach in 2015 behind the coffee bar at Gjusta, my favourite local haunt when I was living in Venice Beach. I would visit daily (sometimes more than once) with my magnetic housemate, Mel Nahas. I soon discovered that not only was Zach a super talented barista : ), he was also a seriously talented musician. At that time, he was working the second job at Gjusta to support his passion…but now, and I am so happy to say, he is now working on and touring with his band, Bay Ledges, full time. A mega talent, Zach has lived on both sides of LA - from Venice to the Eastside - so it’s awesome to get some of his local recos for his newer hood, Echo Park. It is an honour to feature you, Zach - thank you!

Name: Zach Hurd 


Star Sign: Cancer


Hometown: Bath, ME.


When and why did you move to LA?

I moved here in 2014. After living in NYC for a while I was looking for a change. I came out to visit my sisters and never left.


Eastside or Westside?
I’ve lived on both...damn, it's tough because I love them both for different reasons. I live on the eastside now and I love the creative scene here. It's a great place to be a musician...I'm close to lots of venues and most of the people I collaborate with live nearby. But I miss the westside and being so close to the ocean. I still go over there now and then but it takes a lot more effort.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less:

I'm a lover.


Describe LA in 3 words or less:

Stuck in traffic.

What inspires you here: It's inspiring to see so many people around me making things:

restaurants, artwork, songs, movies...and they're taking all the steps to finish the work and put it out there, not just talking about. It inspires me to do more.


What does a normal day look like for you:

The last couple weeks I've mostly been recording because we're back from touring for a little bit. I usually wake up around 7:30am, meditate, go for a run, work on writing for a couple hours and then start working on recordings in my home studio or at the studio of someone I'm collaborating with.


Favourite places in Melbourne for:

Where do you go to catch live music?

Bootleg Theater, Zebulon, The Echo, and Lodge Room.


Other favourite local artists?

Mk.Gee, LEAN, Abe Abraham, Georgia Hurd, Phoebe Bridgers, Neil Frances, Jackson Greenberg, Spooky Mansion.


Favourite weekend getaway out of LA?

I really love Joshua Tree. Coming from the east coast I didn't have any desire to visit the desert but I went on a trip a couple years ago and was blown away by how peaceful and magical it is out there. Sunset and sunrise are the best part.


Next trip?

Big Sur. When I was in high school, I went on a surf trip with my dad and my uncle. We drove through Big Sur and I couldn't believe how incredible it was...all of those massive cliffs falling into the Pacific. I really want to get back there this spring/summer.


Window or aisle seat? Window.


What is always in your suitcase? Probably a bunch of clothes from the last time I used it. I hate unpacking.


Favourite 3 hotels in the world:

I can't think of many that were worth remembering, haha. I prefer to Airbnb when I can :)


Who is inspiring you right now?

My 92 year old grandfather who still works in education and tries to get the most out of every day. Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, about how we can view creativity differently. There's also this old woman down at the park every morning doing some sort of yoga/tai chi workout...she's just wearing her normal clothes and she's so into it. I love that.


What is on your stereo?

MorMor, Black Marble, Parks Squares & Alleys, Y La Bamba, Toro y Moi, Klyne, Men I Trust, NY Times Podcast, WTF podcast, Bill Simmons Podcast.


Words you live by... Show kindness and love to others; and listen to your gut.

Bay Ledges

Instagram: @bayledges

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