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Spotlight on Paris.

Local insider interview with Héloïse Brion, Founder, Miss Maggie’s Kitchen.

Héloïse and I met in Marrakech back in November 2017 on a women’s creative retreat led by Garance Dore. I was immediately struck by her warmth. With her ginormous smile, and a stellar sense of humour (and incredible style to match), Héloïse brought such joy to the retreat. A super creative mind, she was once in the fashion world, but has now taken a different path - founding a beautiful little business called Miss Maggie’s Kitchen, that is all about sharing inspirational and authentic recipe journals and dream-like treasure boxes. She is a gorgeous soul, and I feel incredibly lucky to feature Héloïse and her favourite local recommendations for Paris, here. Enjoy!

Name: Héloïse Brion 


Star Sign: Virgo


Hometown: Jupiter, Florida.


What do you most love about Paris?

The village feel, and how each neighbourhood has its own vibe… I love to stroll from one to the other and discover the hidden treasures (courtyards, gardens) behind the big street doors.


Describe yourself in 3 words or less...

Curious, spontaneous, wholehearted.


Describe Paris in 3 words or less...

Romantic (of course), cultural, and elegant.


What inspires you in Paris?The architecture; I love looking up and discovering all of the beautiful details on the building façades. 

What does a normal day look like for you?

Once the boys are in school, I go the café close to our home for a grand crème! Every day is different, I am either developing new recipes (so I head to the market first), styling shoots, working with artisans, meetings with clients… and when I can, I squeeze in a yoga class or swim at the pool!


Favourite places in Paris for:


You have the most incredible style. What local French labels do you love?

Merci ! I love a variety of brands: Isabel Marant, Leon & Harper, APC, Sézane

Who inspires you in terms of your cooking/baking?

I’m not sure it’s a person really, more the products I find at the market!


And what are your favourite neighbourhoods in Paris to explore?

I love to walk around the 9th, 10th & 18th arrondissements.

Do you have any favourite flea markets you can share?

Le Marché Paul Bert, Les Puces de Vanves… but I think the best is to check out the weekly brocantes on (there is a great one twice a year on Rue de Bretagne in the 3rd)... if you are looking for great deals, then my advice would be to visit the villages outside of Paris ;)


What is your perfect Parisian weekend?

Strolling around the city, a movie & ice cream with the boys, brunch with friends, a night out with my love (dinner, theatre…) 


How often do you escape the city, and to where?
Every week (almost) ! We go to our home in the countryside in Normandy… our escape from the city, noise, pollution etc!

Where are you travelling to next?

I am planning a trip to South America.

What 3 things are always in your suitcase?

My camera, my notebook & my lucky charm necklace.


Favourite 3 hotels in the world?

Greyfield Inn (USA), Hôtel des Roches Rouges (France), ASAO (on Gorée island, Senegal).


Who is inspiring you right now?

The incredible group of women I have met since launching Miss Maggie’s Kitchen - all passionate and super supportive. I am very lucky to have them in my life!


What is on your stereo?

Soul & funk these days – which means tonnes of dancing in the kitchen!


Words you live by…

It’s not a dress rehearsal, Life is now!

Miss Maggie’s Kitchen

Instagram: @missmaggieskitchen

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