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Melbourne and all her best bits, through the eyes of local insider, 

Jessie Oldfield .

I am honoured to introduce Jessie Oldfield, one of our treasured local insiders for Melbourne, and one half of film production company CKOL (Certain Kind Of Light) in Melbourne's Collingwood. Together with husband Adam, they work as directors making commercials, fashion films / music videos and at the time of writing they are just about to direct their first ever TV show, called Why Are You Like This.
Jessie beams "work is our life - in a really beautiful way". 
Introducing the very
glorious Jessie Oldfield...

Name: Jessie Oldfield

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Describe yourself in 3 words or less... 

Passionate, curious, creative.

Describe Melbourne in 3 words or less... 

People, food, wine.


Northside, Southside, Westside or Bayside?! 

Northside - I like the vibe of the North, people ride bikes, walk to each others houses, meet at local spots, parkland is dotted throughout but the city is also so close. It’s vibrant and full of curiosity, the north is special.


What inspires you in Melbourne?

At the moment I’m really inspired by nature - I find it really stimulates my imagination… I’m loving day trips for hikes, spending time down at our beach house on the great ocean road.

What keeps you busy here?

My husband and I have a film production company called CKOL (Certain Kind Of Light) in Collingwood. We work together as directors making commercials, fashion films / music videos and we are about to direct our first TV show! It’s called Why Are You Like This.

Our work is our life - in a really beautiful way. 

Favourite places for:

- best coffee:

Everyday - Sackville Street, Collingwood

- delicious food:

Brunch - Alimentari Smith Street; Grub Fitzroy

Dinner - City Wine Shop on the street in summer, Marion with friends, Cam's Kiosk at the Abbotsford Convent out on the terrace

- something to sip:

Geralds bar - our local and fave spot - for dinner as well


Amarillo Fitzroy

- somewhere to shop:

Bul, Alpha 60, Arnsdorf, Ellery, Shifting Worlds, Somebuddy Loves You, Monk Design, Incu.

- for culture:

The people, local exhibitions / events / shows - there is always something unique going on in melbourne… Australian cinema.


- for nature:

We hike a lot, or swim… Most weekends we will try and get out of town and discover something.

Hiking: Werribee gorge, great ocean road hike from marengo caravan park to Shelley beach, Lake Elizabeth in Forrest, Radio springs Pub - pub lunch and hike along the railway line


Swim: Closest spot for a sunset swim after work - Edithvale. Best beach for a day trip - a secret spot on the rocks in Mt Martha, or Pt Leo beach boat club side. 


The Great Ocean Road in general ! ! ! The further you go the more beautiful it gets… keep going! 

- for art:

NGV, Heidi Gallery, Chunky Move shows! Pt Leo Estate Sculpture Park.

- for dancing:

My lounge room or friends houses! We love to DJ. 

My sister and I do dance classes every week - Chunky Move for casual contemporary classes, and Aisha Groove 3 for hip hop! So fun.

Where do you go to catch live music?

I love seeing things at The Forum, Palais, Hammer hall…


Do you have a favourite park or garden to hang out in?

Princes Park is our local, I run and walk around it often its so great for fitness / mental state.

With friends we hang out in the Exhibition Gardens, picnic park parties are the best. One of my favourite things to do in the summer. 

What does a perfect Melbourne weekend look like for you?

After work drink with friends at a wine bar or local pub. Marion, Geralds, Marquis of Lorne, Builders Arms...

A long lazy breakfast at home with magazines, or brunch at Grub with friends.

A nice walk into the city, an NGV wander or checking out something that’s on - afternoon cocktail on a rooftop.

Dinner out, long chats and dancing with friends at home.

Sunday - A hike or waterhole swim!

Other local creatives who inspire you?

All my amazing friends! Too many to isolate. 


Favourite weekend getaway to escape the city?

Port Fairy - Drift House. My husband and I love it here!

We have a beach house in Skenes Creek (Great Ocean Road) - it’s our happy place. 


We swim every morning we are there - rain, hail or shine, the trick is a big wooly jumpy and a flask of coffee for afterwards - the sit on the beach refreshed and warm is the best bit. A waking up ritual. 

Any other Melbourne secrets you can share?

Walk places! 

Bornga Korean restaurant in China town is fun for a cheap eat.

Not a secret but Laughing Waters is a nice waterhole to swim not too far out of the city.

Where are you travelling to next? (well, before Covid came along that is...)

We try to travel as much as we can - it truly inspires us. Connection with people and places…

My husband and I are plotting a Euro escape. We are thinking a trip to connect with some of our favourite people in Rome, Sussex and Berlin then some down time in Greece somewhere - buying groceries and staring at the sky.

We split our time between Melbourne and LA for work so we are back and forth to California a bit, we love it there. Specifically Ojai! We also got married in Ojai and have created a family of friends there.

Window or aisle seat?

Aisle seat if I’m alone, window if I am with Adam.


What 3 things are always in your suitcase?


My big ACNE scarf - it’s not only a warm safety blanket but looks great too

My camera


What are your 3 favourite hotels in the world?

Hotels for me are so much about an experience…

Mama Ruisa, Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Uxua - Trancoso, Brazil

Hotel Escondido - Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Who is inspiring you right now?

My family! 

Alan Watts always


What is on your stereo?

Music - all the time…!

Mazzy Star, Leonard Cohen, Aldous Harding, Vaal, Dirty Three, Kevin Morby, Solange, Orpheo McCord, Curtis Mayfield, David Bowie….


Podcasts - On Being !


Words you live by… 

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

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