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What Isolation in Milan looks like.

Introducing a dear Milanese friend of mine, Francesco Baglietto. 
Francesco has lived in Milan for over 20 years, working in the fashion industry (like so many Milanese). He has been in isolation for 30 days so far. Here he shares a few tips on how to keep spirits high.

Name: Francesco Baglietto

Star Sign: Libra

Hometown: Bari, Puglia.

Where do you live now? Milano, Lombardia.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less… curious, sarcastic and… excited to travel again soon!

Describe Milan in 3 words or less… the perfect balance: international and cosmopolitan with a 100% Italian heart.

What is the feeling like in Milan right now? Right now it’s a mixed feeling… fear, hope.. but first of all pride! I’m proud to belong to this amazing city!


How long have you been isolating? 30 days.


Who are you isolating with? My ex-partner (and this is another story itself…)


What kind of place do you live in? I live in an apartment, but I’m lucky to have enough space and a sunny balcony overlooking a square and a garden.

Do you have any tips you can share for sticking to, or starting a new kind of daily routine? 

Look at  my video (on Instagram), I have 3 tips: 

1) Listening to opera music

2) Preparing my favourite aperitivo

3) Enjoying natural sun and light as much as possible


Do you have any daily rituals? Yes, first thing in the morning I prepare my espresso and I sit outside on the balcony breathing some fresh air.

Tell us a bit about your work… I work in Merchandising for a luxury fashion brand, so I’m constantly in contact with the whole world and I usually travel a lot. it’s very strange for me not to be able to do this in these days, but I find that technology is helping a lot to fill this gap.

Have you been working from home? Yes, and I have to say that working from home… is working!


Are you finding more creative inspiration in this time? For sure I have more time to think about life and what I took for granted before… I’m sure that after this is over we will all appreciate more what we already have.

What other creative outlets have you been turning to? When I was a child I wanted to be an actor, so I’m practising this skill by using tik tok 😉


Do you have any recipes you can share? Negroni: 1/3 Gin, 1/3 Red Martini, 1/3 Campari, ice, a slice of orange… enjoy!


What is on your stereo? Opera music, especially when I work. And of course, music from the 80’s - Italian and International.


Any podcasts you are loving at the moment? I don’t have a specific one, but I really enjoy the way Spotify puts together playlists based on music I have listened to recently, so I always discover something new


Have you been doing any movement exercises at home? Yes, I do, at least one hour every day. I do circuits suggested by my gym, they public different exercises every day.


When this blooming virus goes away, where will you be travelling to next? I think I will travel all around Italy, during these days I really understood how much I love my country and I’m planning a road trip from the sea to the mountains, passing by art cities and countryside… Hospitality and tourism is the most affected industry in Italy, our GDP relies on it a lot, so I want to give my little contribution.


Are you a window or aisle seat kinda guy? Aisle 100%.


What 3 things are always in your suitcase? E-reader book, sun screen and swimming suit.


What are your 3 favourite hotels in the world? Les Roches Rouges in Cote Azur; São Lourenço do Barrocal in Alentejo – Portugal; and Alpina Dolomites in Alto Adige, Italian Alps ❤.


Words you live by…”Per aspera ad astra” = through hardship to the stars… it was my mum's favourite motto.


And lastly, who are you most looking forward to hugging when all of this is over?!! My dad and my sister for sure.

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