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We love:

Our tribe of creative individuals making amazing stuff and our lives prettier

The ever growing food scene

Saturday morning ritual farmers market followed by handlebar coffee with friends

New Vineland Bread

Piedrassasi wine

Industrial eats / flatbread up in wine country

Recipes bakery for great organic breakfast and coffee

Fauxtale design

Atwell / la playa Pilates with Colleen  every Thursday  - kicks my bootay


and more...

Name: Taiana Giefer

Age: 27

Star sign: Scorpio.

Hometown: los angeles until 10, then santa barbara. 

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: thoughtful, creative, ready.

What makes Montecito so special? the peace and tranquility, the way people value living here, good to themselves and the environment around them. The care people take in their surroundings, the privacy, the beauty of the nature that remains, the hiking trails, the hidden communities. Family oriented lifestyle, the beaches, the neverending views, always a new one to be discovered. 

What do you do here? I am a designer / felter. Owner of 

You have friends in town, where do you take them? Mostly we spend time at my house atop toro canyon. Other places in Montecito – surfing at Miramar, or butterfly beach for a walk , one of the many hikes in our hills. Friends’ homes, rori’s ice-cream, paninos sandwiches, via vai or pane vino for a family style Italian dinner. 

Butterfly beach or Biltmore pool? butterfly beach. 

Favorite hike? Hot Springs, tangerine falls. 

Best spot for a drink in Montecito? Lucky’s. 

Favorite place to shop? Elu.

Favorite weekend getaway outside of Montecito: big sur; and Ojai.

What is on your stereo? too many things to count! mostly books on tape and podcasts at the moment. 

Who is inspiring you? things I see and find in nature. 

Words you live by...stay open. 

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