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On lockdown in old London town.

Morgan Olympia Pilcher (AKA MOP) - was born and raised in Australia, but at the age of 19 Moppy moved to New York City where she lived and worked as a freelance editor. Now living and working in London, Moppy (among other impressive things) is currently fashion director for MATCHESFASHION. Here she shares with us what life is like 3 months into lockdown in London. 

(As part of our #ItsBeautifulHereinIsolation series)
Introducing Moppy Pilcher, based in London (by way of New York City and Australia), and one of our finest fashion exports...
Moppy, her boyfriend Matt and dogs, Stella and Margaux, have been on lockdown in London for 3 months now. It's a long way from the sunny beaches of Avalon where Moppy grew up, but at least the big green parks and surprisingly nice weather in London have been providing some kind of comfort and relief. 
Like me, Moppy is super lucky and grateful for all the travel she gets to do as part of her work - and it is on these trips that she finds most of her inspiration. I love her work. She is one very talented woman.
Excited to share our chat here x

Name: Morgan Pilcher 


Star Sign: Aries 


Hometown: Avalon, Sydney, Australia. 


Where do you live now? Holland Park, London. 


Describe yourself  in  3 words or less…  Adventurous (not so much with foods), happy, loud laugh.       


Describe London  in  3 words or less… Diverse, central, bustling.  


How long have you been isolating for now? Going into my third month.     


Who are you isolating with?  My boyfriend, Matt and our two dogs, Stella and Margaux. 


What is the vibe like  in  London? Very quiet, sunny and to be honest I feel people are getting a bit restless now. It has been the most incredible weather for as long as I can remember (which never happens here) so I think people are getting frustrated with being inside.  


Tell us a bit about your work... I am currently working for MATCHESFASHION as their Fashion Director along with working on freelance fashion editorials and advertising projects as well. At the moment my job is at a bit of a stand still as teams (photographers, models, stylists etc) cannot get together to create.  


My job consists of a lot of travel. I am very fortunate and grateful that my job has allowed me to see many incredible parts of the world and that I get to call it work. I am very excited to get back out there.  


Do you have a new kind of daily routine? We go to a beautiful park near our house for a walk or run in the mornings with our dogs. This is part of my boyfriend’s normal routine, but I would be on my way to work. My boyfriend is still working at the moment, so I am trying to cook dinners more. He is an incredible cook and I am pretty terrible, so he usually takes the lead.  


Do you have any daily rituals you can share? I bought a juicer so have been making celery juice each morning. I am making sure to keep the weeks separate to the weekends, so I don’t totally lose track of time. The week to be more productive and then relax on the weekends.   


Are you finding more creative  inspiration  in  this time? I am enjoying having the time to do things I usually would say I was too busy to do. Two of my good friends asked me to do a little self-portrait series which was super fun and creative. I loved the task as it got me being creative with what I have at home. It also made me appreciate the ease of making images in normal life as we have everything at our fingertips.     


I am loving having the time to read books, magazines and going through my photography books for inspiration but my true source of inspiration comes from travelling and seeing new places, so I cannot wait to get back out there exploring.

What other creative outlets do you turn to? Music. I always have music playing, right from the time I get out of the shower. I also just bought some canvases online so I’m going to have some fun painting.  


We all seem to be cooking a lot more now that we are stuck at home. Do you have any recipes you can share? I have been asking my Mum for some of the recipes of things she used to make when we were kids. It’s really nice as I find she is then cooking them as well, so we are having a bit of a ‘cook off’ across the world. We made a carrot cake for my birthday which was delicious. It was my Auntie’s recipe and I loved that it was written on a typewriter to really show how long my family has been making it.   

What is on your stereo? A lot of Bill Withers, Chris Isaak, Van Morrison, Nina Simone to mention a few. I am loving that friends are sending me playlists they have put together. It’s such a fun way to connect around the world. One of my besties in NYC sent me one on Spotify called “It’s Rona Bitch” and it’s epic. Play it loud!   


Are there any podcasts you are loving at the moment? I’m not really into podcasts.  


Or any books? 

At Work by Annie Leibovitz 

Game Changers by Dave Asprey 

Loads of photography books and magazines 


Have you been turning to any online shopping? What brands are you supporting right now? Right now, I am fixated on getting things for our home but haven’t purchased anything yet. I did buy some camera gear and canvases. Amazon had it all but think it is important to support local, independent companies that really need the love right now. I found everything at London based stores and they actually shipped much faster than Amazon was offering.   

What about movement/exercise? Have you been doing anything at home to keep fit? Walks / runs in the park with the dogs. I tried a Barry’s live class but was pretty shocking. I did say I am going to try again now that I know what to expect.  

When this blooming virus goes away, where will you be travelling to next? My boyfriend and I have been dreaming up where we would love to go next. I am craving the ocean. Our besties have a house booked in Ibiza and we are meant to be going in August with them, but we are not sure if we will be able to travel by then. We have toyed with the idea of driving from London to Spain (through France) if the airlines aren’t back up and running as normal. If so, we might do that and then island hop The Balearic Islands. Fingers crossed!   


Are you a window or aisle seat kinda gal? Window, always! I love being in my little nook watching the clouds go by. I absolutely love flying!  


What 3 things are always  in  your suitcase? 

  • Noise cancelling headphones (game changers). 

  • A small cashmere blanket as I am always freezing on planes.  

  • Beauty face masks 


What are your 3 favourite hotels  in  the world? 

Only three? Eeeek, this is going to be tough to narrow them down.  

  • Habaraduwa House - Sri Lanka. I went here recently for a work trip and it was a dream stay. The staff are incredible, and they cook the most amazing local foods for you.   


  • Casa Violeta - Tulum. I think Tulum has changed a lot since I was there, but I had a magical time staying at Casa Violeta. Right on the beach, great food and really nice, simple rooms that sprawl on to the beach.  

  • The LifeCo Bodrum - Turkey. I have been here twice before for a ten-day juice cleanse retreat. I go alone and use it as my time to reset, swim in the ocean all day, have daily massages and go to bed at 8pm. I love it!  

and… The amazing Macakizi Hotel is just down the road, so I spend days there hanging out and swimming. 


Who is  inspiring you right now? 

All of the incredible doctors and nurses on the front line.  

Words you live by… YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!  

And lastly, who are you most looking forward to hugging when all of this is over?!! My family! 

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