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Locking down in sunny Noosa.

Lucy Folk can oftentimes be found somewhere between Paris, Bondi, Melbourne or Marrakech...but right now she finds herself (very happily) on lockdown in Australia's surfing haven, Noosa.
(As part of our #ItsBeautifulHereinIsolation series)
Introducing Melbourne's very own "colourful, salty and crazy" Lucy Folk : )
If you know me, you know I am always clad in something by Lucy Folk - whether it be her eyewear, her big and beautiful rings and earrings, or her super fine little grovel necklaces... It's safe to say I am a big fan. Lucy's love of colour, bold designs, and super creativeness is such a welcome relief from the same-same kind of thing that can often be found in Australia. She has such a fun, awesomely unique, and daring eye. I love what she does, and I love the life she has carved out for herself. It is such an honour to feature Lucy here, to find out about life on lockdown in Australia's beachside beauty, Noosa (lucky devil).

Name: Lucy Folk 


Star Sign: Aquarius 


Hometown: Melbourne 


Where do you live now? Noosa 


Why Noosa? I love to be close to the beach and surrounded by nature. I find it very grounding. 


Describe yourself in 3 words or less… Colourful, salty, crazy. 


Describe Noosa in 3 words or less… Peaceful, natural, sunny, holidays. 


How long have you been isolating for now? 7 weeks. 


Who are you isolating with? My boyfriend. 


What is the vibe like in Noosa? Quiet and relaxed, feels like summer. Weather is beautiful! 


Are the beaches still open? Yes! Only for swimming and walking and they are glorious! 


Do you have any tips you can share for sticking to, or starting a new kind of daily routine? I am waking up early, keeping my phone in Airplane mode for at least an hour or two. Pilates most days which helps keep me motivated to sit on my computer. Have consistent breaks, but make them count. Eg go for a swim, walk and be close to nature. Going to bed early has been fantastic too. I am averaging at least 8 hours a night. I dont really eat dinner. I prefer to have a big breakfast and lunch and a small snack for dinner or broth. I think this is helping me sleep better. 


Do you have any daily rituals? Swimming at least once a day / Walking at least once a day / Stretching / Pilates / Deep breathing for 5 minutes in the morning and early evening. I also make a delicious green smoothie every day. It has a lot of things that I need to keep me energised for the day. 


Tell us a bit about your work… I am the founder and creative director of my brand Lucy Folk. We design jewellery, apparel, homewares, bags and sunglasses inspired by my travels and love for art. I also curate the selection of brands at my concept store PLAYA and the Salon. 


Are you finding more creative inspiration in this time? 100% 


What other creative outlets do you turn to? Cooking, drawing, I would like to get into collage and ceramics, yoga.

Any recipes for isolation you can share? Super food Pesto - for quinoa, pasta, or on toast. 


1 tablespoon of hemp seeds 

1 clove of garlic

A huge handful of parsley

A huge handful of Basil

Juice of 1 lemon 



1/2 cup of roasted pinenuts or almonds ( roasted with rosemary, olive oil)  

A little olive oil. 

Mix it in your Nutri bullet or Thermomix. 

It’s tangy but full of nutrients. 


Your current drink of choice? Capi Still Water…Always. 


What is on your stereo? Classical music in the mornings; a selection of Spotify playlists by friends and creatives in the afternoon. 


And what books are you loving at the moment? I am reading one called Time Travel! 


Have you still been getting out and about for movement/exercise? What does that look like for you? I am doing on online pilates class  3 times a week; Pre Natal yoga 1 a week; I walk everyday and stretch also! Massage is important when you can rest and rejuvenate. 


What about mindfulness/meditation? I am practising my deep breathing for 5 minutes in the morning and at night and this is helping me. I find walking and swimming meditative. 

When this blooming virus goes away, where will you be travelling to next? Who knows! I am thinking Japan…Egypt. Probably Melbourne though to be honest! 


Are you a window or aisle seat kinda gal? Window. I like to watch the sky. 


What 3 things are always in your suitcase?

Incense by Astier de Villate

A lot of LF clothes 


What are your 3 favourite hotels in the world?

Los Enamorados - Ibiza

UXUA Hotel - Trancoso, Brazil 

Berber Lodge - Marrakech 

Words you live by… Live every day like it’s your last! 


And lastly, who are you most looking forward to hugging when all of this is over?!! My family :) 

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