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Osborn House



Osborn House offers the ultimate country getaway. Surrounded by green rolling hills and lush gardens, this is one very special country escape in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. With thoughtful design, lush interiors, and a feeling of understated luxury, Osborn House is a unique boutique hotel offering only 1.5 hours south of Sydney.

A slice of the Cotswalds in the

Southern Highlands

The history of Osborn House dates back to the 1890s, and thanks to former SOHO House Design Director, Linda Boronkay, it has been lovingly restored and impeccably styled, paying homage to its past with a contemporary twist .


From the moment I pulled into Osborn House's tree-lined driveway, I knew I had arrived somewhere very special. The grounds at Osborn House are extraordinary, with century-established gardens to one side, and pristine natural park to the other. There is an immediate sense that you have just stepped foot into a very private, very beautiful sanctuary. 

The interiors are lush, rich in colour and texture, and the art is beautiful (most notably, the handdrawn frescos on the walls by Byron Bay artist, Jai Vaisevek). The kitchen is led by Argentine chef, Segundo Farrell, and there are two restaurnts to choose from - George’s and Dinah’s - which both serve modern and innovative dishes in a rustic yet refined setting, featuring local ingredients. The bar is beautiful as well.

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Why I love it

Highlights for me included the very warm and friendly service (from the minute I arrived - and the awesome valet service. I was completely obsessed with the stunning gardens and views over the Morton National Park. Also, the food - the delicious dishes by Executive Chef, Segundo Farrell from Argentina - simple yet refined tastes with a slight Argentinian hint. A beautiful kitchen garden is currently being created at the front of the property and the plan will be to use the produce from the garden in as many of their dishes as possible. I also loved that every evening from 6pm is cocktail hour in the lounge.

The design by Linda Boronkay is really beautiful. I absolutely loved my stay in one of their Premier Suites - it was so, so plush and delicious. The level of detail and thoughtfulness is really impressive. I had a lovely massage at the Osborn House Spa (they use natural Australian skincare products by LaGaia Unedited).


I can also recommend booking one of the cabins if you are wanting something more private (they come with an outdoor bath on the balcony, which is pretty special for some bathing under the stars).

And lastly, it's the music. From the minute i arrived, I noticed the perfect background sounds and how perfectly each track was placed for every different part of the day - playlists that are so thoughtfully curated, you couldn't not notice. I had to ask how I could get my hands on them, and Osborn House was very happy to share (and I still listen to them religiously). I especially love the "Osborn House Drive" playlist that has been curated to accompany you on your drive to/from the property.

It's very beautiful here.

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About the owners

Founding Director, Adam Abrams, oversees the delivery of the Osborn House experience; from the food and drink offering, the service style, to the unique design details in collaboration with Linda Boronkay, and all other elements which will ensure guests of Osborn House are taken on a journey to another world. Mr Abrams says the hotel experience will be transformative. “As soon as you turn into the driveway and emerge from a tunnel of century-old pines to the entry courtyard, you are transported to a different world; a complete retreat where every detail has been considered and where you will be kept entertained from morning until late in the night.”


Mr Abrams spent two years searching for the right location in which to carry out the Osborn House vision. He has a knack for presenting exciting new experiences, having brought the world’s first portable Beach Club, The Island, to Sydney Harbour 10 years ago. His other hospitality interests include Matteo restaurant Double Bay and the sizeable Matteo Downtown in Sydney’s CBD.

What to do nearby


Ngununggula - Southern Highlands Regional Gallery


Fitzroy Falls,
Morton National Park


Coffee at
The Press Shop

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