marlene marchewka | palm springs.

marlene marchewka | palm springs.

spotlight on palm springs | marlene marchewka.

Name: Marlene Marchewka            

Age: 34

Star sign: Gemini (on the cusp, so just a wee more complicated)

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario, Canada      

Where do you live now? Venice, CA

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Curious, Inspired and Lively.

What gets you out of bed each day? Coffee and Possibilities.

How often do you visit Palm Springs? Every other month.

What makes these parts so special? The light, stunning sunsets and lazy, playful days. To me, PS feels like desert camp for adults.

Your ultimate Palm Springs weekend?

Fri: Arrive for dinner followed by drinks, smores + firepit chats at the Parker.

Sat: spent by the pool, some late afternoon tennis, rose over petanque tournament + room service and a movie.

Sunday: bike ride around mid-century hoods checking out houses + desert gardens, a lazy brunch and some more pool time before the drive back.

Favorite breakfast spot? Toss up, Norma’s or Cheeky’s.

And dinner? We like Norma’s, The Ace, Birba, Workshop Kitchen + Bar.

Best place for drinks at sunset? The Parker, over a game of Petanque.

Where can we hike? Take the rotating tram up to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains. Dozens of trails to pick from and easily 20 degrees cooler up there with a woodsy feel.

Who is on your stereo right now? Can’t get enough of Polica.

And who is inspiring you? Anyone + everyone making, creating building + doing interesting things.

Words you live by...There are far better things ahead then any we leave behind. 

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