natasha case | co-founder,  coolhaus  | on palm springs.

natasha case | co-founder, coolhaus | on palm springs.

spotlight on palm springs | natasha case.

Name: Natasha Case

Age: 30

Star sign: Leo

Hometown: Los Angeles

Where do you live now? Ditto! 

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Fearless, Out-of-the-box, Social.

What gets you out of bed each day? Wanting more people to have the best ice cream possible.

How often do you visit Palm Springs? 5 times a year.

What makes these parts so special? The desert is enchanting, and there's a kind of natural detox that the dry heat gives you---body and mind. I love the idea of the 'urban' spaces (i.e. hotels, restaurants, commerce) as an Oasis. I also love the flat terrain, and the flat-roofed modern homes.

Your ultimate Palm Springs weekend? Coachella weekend one, or a get-away at the Parker. We're looking forward to a destination wedding in May out there as well.

Where can we hike? I don't hike. So, on 111?

Best place for breakfast? Ace Hotel. Self-service Bloody Mary bar!

Favorite poolside? Ace Hotel/Parker. Outside Palm Springs: Miracle Manor in Desert Hot Springs!

Will you be at Coachella in 2014? And if so, who are you excited to see? Yes. I'm excited to see Outkast---one of my faves growing up, and I haven't seen them since college. Will be a great time warp.

Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or dinner - or all three? All three and in between!

And which flavor combo? Snickerdoodle + Whiskey Lucky Charms, Gluten-free Coconut Almond + Salted Chocolate (with or without Almond Joy bits). We also have special flavors we created with Sailor Jerry Rum (Bananas Foster) and Patron (Blueberry Mojito, Spiked & Salted Dark Chocolate, and Patron Cafe Crunch with Toffee... YUMS!)

Who is on your stereo right now? Hall & Oates, Tyler the Creator, Blood Orange, G-Eazy, Theophilus London, Iggy Azalea

And who is inspiring you? Freya Estreller, my wife and co-founder of Coolhaus, always. Our chairman of the board Bobby Margolis. I think Marissa Mayer is a badass too.

Words you live by... what you don't know can be your biggest asset; you can walk through a wall if you don't know it's there! Strike while the iron is hot, and no regrets.

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