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   chris and emelie nielson |  fondation cafe  | paris.

chris and emelie nielson | fondation cafe | paris.

spotlight on paris | chris and emelie nielson.

Name: Chris and Emelie Nielson

Age: both 28

Star sign: Cancer (Chris) and Gemini (Emelie).

Hometown: Sydney (Chris) and Stockholm (Emelie).


Describe yourself in 3 words or less…caffeinated creative melt-pot.

What makes Paris so special? Paris is a city of discovery, every different area of the city holds a myriad of different characters. It’s a city you never get bored with. We find there is a distinctive pull/push element to the city. Everybody who lives here has gripes about how things work, but nobody really wants to leave. The speed of life, and the things the French place emphasis on are things we really enjoy...good food, great wine, and passing time with friends on a terrace someplace.

We only have 24 hours in Paris, where would you take us? Take the bikes to the Bastille markets to collect supplies for an amazing picnic, pick up a nice bottle of wine from Le Verre Volé, then to the beautiful Parc Monceau. A nice afternoon coffee and a gallery. In the evening we would take you to Verjus wine bar to look upon the beautiful back facade of the Theatre du Palais Royal and maybe some more drinks at L'éntrée Des Artistes in the late hours.

What is happening on the Parisian coffee scene right now? HEAPS! We've had a lot of small coffee shops open in the last 1-2 years and the customer ship for this new type of coffee service is growing. We're still at grassroots level but the signs for the future are looking great!

Favorite coffee spot? Asides from our own café (Fondation): Ten Belles, Holybelly or Telescope.

Favorite brunch spot: Holybelly..... HANDS DOWN!

Any good markets we should know about? We really like Bastille markets because it’s close to where we live and there is good quality produce. Marche D'Aligre is also one of our go-to regulars, and last but not least, Le Marche des Enfants Rouges has a stack of food stands for lunch, one of the best burgers in Paris (Chris).

Where can we drink on a rooftop?! At Le Perchoir, or find a friend with rooftop access and make your own adventure!

We want culture! Galleries, exhibitions...what are your favorites? Yvon Lambert, Marian Goodman and Galerie Daniel Templon which are all based in the Marais. Otherwise L'Orangerie in the Tuileries, Palais de Tokyo (Emelie); or la Maison Europeenne de la Photographie (Chris).

Favorite weekend getaway outside of Paris? Our friend’s goat cheese farm in the Loire valley

What is on your stereo? Anything that makes us dream about the ocean and slow vacation

Who is inspiring you right now? My friend Lauren who inspires me to have greater faith for big projects (Emelie). The philanthropic work Bill Gates is doing these days! (Chris).

Words you live by... (right now) Sur place ou à emporter?

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