tim latte | sweden's national surfing champion | on peniche.

tim latte | sweden's national surfing champion | on peniche.

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spotlight on peniche | tim latte.

Name: Timothy Latte

Age: 23

Star sign: cancer.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden / Muscat, Oman. 

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: spontaneous, energetic and sometimes childish, hahaha in a good way.

What gets you out of bed each day? The urge of doing something productive.

Why Portugal? Because of the waves, the sun, cheap living and the country is sort of a playground, a lot of cool undiscovered places. Very sparsely populated coastline, which gives the vibe of adventure and the wild. Lets hope it stays that way.

What do you do for a living? Surf and travel right now which is nice. But, I want to progress into doing something different later in life. 

How long have you lived here (or how much time have you spent here)? Used to live in Porto during my last two high school years, then I spent some years in Ericeira in between travels. so all in all around 3.5 years.

Where do you stay when you are here? In Peniche I usually stay at the surfers lodge Peniche, because my mate John owns it, and its a nice place to stay with good food, which is what you sort of need when you´ve been on the road for a longtime, but then its always good to see old friends like john, whom I have travelled around the world with in my teenage years. We have been to places like California, Indonesia and the canaries together. 

Best place for beers? Oooo hard one if you wanna get ham and go for an all nighter its probably the beach bar "Bar da Praia" and then to the night club Piratas after, around 4 or 5, if you make it there lets say. Otherwise, if your into the sit down and conversation thing, I would recommend the surfers lodge, because they have wide selection of wine, beer and other liquor which are high end, and they make some good drinks too.

Best place for good food? In Peniche its hand down, the surfers lodge, that’s one of the reasons why we live there, hahahaha. The food is mental. 

Where can we find a good latte? I don't know really, in Portugal they are not really into that girly stuff, they drink it straight and strong, which I think is a bit too much. 

Best waves? All around Portugal, which is the good thing, the whole coast is a playground. No problem of finding your own little zone when camping or driving around searching for some good waves.

We only have 24 hours in Peniche, what should we see/do? Not much to see in Peniche, but a little stroll on the baleal peninsula isn't that bad, and the afternoon session on the roof of the surfers lodge. But otherwise I would drive down to Lisbon or Ericeira for the cool city vibe and surroundings, and pull an all nighter partying, trying to chat up some girls. 

What’s on your stereo? Everything from rock, old school soul to more modern stuff from artists like Odesza, Nomad, Mt. warning. Everything, but the modern crappy rap, classical and jazz. 

And who is inspiring you right now? My father is my biggest inspiration, but anyone really that I can relate too and has something to teach which makes you grow as a person and reach your goals in life.

Words you live by... I stopped believing in GOD, when I realized it’s was DOG backwards. Just don't take life so serious in other words. 

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