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Il Sereno

Patricia Urquiola has done it again. Contemporary perfection, smackbang on the banks of stunning Lake Como.

Favourite bits.

  1. The incredible design by Patricia Urquiola and the use of neutral stone, bronze, walnut wood and glass throughout - modern and contemporary, but still at home amongst the classic mansions of the lake. We are completely obsessed with her handbasin and bathtubs designed exclusively for Il Sereno.

  2. The little touches. One afternoon on return from the pool, we found the sunglasses that we had left strewn on the bed, had been collected and placed on top of the dresser on Il Sereno-branded sunglasses cloths. We were impressed. There were many little touches like these ones.

  3. The pool. It’s hard to beat really. Smackbang on the edge of the lake, you can easily while away a whole day here.


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