jim blakley | "the mayor" | san miguel de allende.

jim blakley | "the mayor" | san miguel de allende.


Name: Jim Blakley

Age: 62

Hometown: Belleville, Ontario, Canada

How did you end up in SMA, and how long have you been here?: I took an early retirement at 54 and came for a month to visit my daughter and son-in-law, who spent a year teaching in a nearby city called Queretaro (also beautiful and a World Heritage Site).  One weekend they flagged down a cab and we drove the 45 minutes to San Miguel de Allende.  I was immediately captivated (like most people) and decided then to move to San Miguel.

Star sign: Capricorn

Describe yourself in 3 words, or less: gentle, kind and lazy.

Your current food obsession? Street tacos and baracoa (slow roasted lamb on tacos usually served on Sunday morning).

Your ultimate 24 hours in SMA...a few hours at the hot springs (La Gruta), dinner at La Brasserie, a drink at the sunset bar.

Who is inspiring you now? People who work really hard on projects as volunteers just for the love of it.

Taco or enchillada? Taco.

Corona or Margarita? Corona.

Favourite Mexican getaway (beside SMA): Club Intrawest in Zihuatanejo.

Life motto? I wish I could say "carpe the shit out of that diem", but the reality is live simply.

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