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Shack Palace



High on Noosa Hill is where you'll find the glorious Shackpalace - a unique and emotive accommodation experience that features mindful rituals, challenging you to think about how we live in today’s busy world. At Shackpalace, slow living is encouraged.

This dark and moody Noosa cabin has been created with a philosophy of conscious design, using environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials and hand selected, artisan products throughout. Designed by Frank Macchia - who has been designing homes, spaces, objects and structures for more than 35 years - to challenge, nurture and inspire, this dark, emotive cabin on the hill offers a very unique getaway experience. From the large raw timber gates, the external connecting deck and the open air shower with mountain views, this private sanctuary encourages calm, healthy, connected living. There is a strong feeling of spaciousness and pared-back living, and a feeling of hand-built perfection in the imperfection (with the raw natural materials used).


This is the perfect space for a single or a couple (Shackpalace can accommodate 2 people only).

With an aim to encourage slow living, the cabin has been split into three separate areas…. Living/Kitchen/Eating; Sleeping; and Bathing/Dressing. The rooms are connected by an external deck and generally under cover with enough adjacent open to sky, to enhance the sense of movement from in to out. In addition, there are steps before each room/pavilion, to act as a continual reminder that you are about to enter a different zone, for a different activity. Frank's aim is to minimise the number of mindless moments that occur as we move from room to room and function to function in our homes every day. The added sense of stepping into a private and secure outside zone touches a raw and adventurous part of our soul – that similar feeling we get when camping.


Why I love it

Firstly, this home is SO unique. I just love it. I love how dark it is (such a contrast from the mostly white-on-white beach houses you find in this area). There is a strong sense of warmth, spaciousness, and pared-back simplicity. Every single item you see has been carefully considered. I love the very dark bedroom designed specifically for deep sleep and meditation. When all louvers and the door are closed the room is completely pitch black. The linen is super soft and comfy as well, from their very own Shackpalace store. I absolutely love the indoor/outdoor shower - the perfect way to start the morning looking out over the treetops. Frank and Lorna have now added an outdoor bath as well, and a tea ceremony, meditation, yoga space downstairs. It's incredibly special. The sunsets from the deck are just incredible as well. Shackpalace is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a good book, or create a delicious meal from fresh local produce, enjoying the space and the stillness of the surrounds.

It's an incredibly inspiring home and one that will lift your spirits, just as designer Frank Macchia intended.


About the owners

Shackpalace is born from the skills and passions of the Macchia family.

Frank Macchia founded his first building design studio over 30 years ago and has since worked on many different projects throughout Australia including restaurants, cafes and wellness centres, however the majority of his work, (which you can view here) is designing inspiring spaces for people to live in. His interest in philosophy and human nature has led him on an ongoing journey of questioning the way we live in our homes, from the design & construction including materials, size and layout, to the rituals we perform in each space. His driving passion is to encourage the creation of homes that inspire a simpler way of living that not only serves us as individuals but better serves the world around us. From this vision, the Shackpalace concept was born.

The family have a beautiful retail store, Shackpalace Rituals, in Byron Bay which is managed and curated by eldest daughter Samara.

Shackpalace mumma Lorna has a background as a sports dietitian, and creates all of the delicious recipes and tea blends, writes their food blogs, and helps with the sourcing and designing of many of their 'cooking ritual' products. 

Youngest daughter, Tascha is a personal trainer and runs her own business; Wilda.

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