yvonne knapp | stockholm. 

yvonne knapp | stockholm. 

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Name: Yvonne Knapp

Age: 29

Star Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Stockholm 

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: A practicing hypochondriac 

What makes Stockholm so special? A city made up of a beautiful archipelago that includes about 30000 Islands. Making it very accessible to both city life and amazing nature at the same time.

We only have 24 hours in Stockholm, where should we go? Old town is a must. A bike tour or walk around Djurgården island. Take a boat ride through the city archipelago. Museum of photography. 

Favorite place for breakfast? Riche. Cafe Sirap. Nybrogatan 38. Mellqvist Kaffebar. Pascal. Cafe Esaias.

Favorite place for a romantic dinner? Oaxen Slip. Ekstedt. Gondolen

Where can we drink on a rooftop? Scandic Hotel Anglais. Mosebacke champagne bar. 

Best place to find Scandinavian fashion brands? Aplace, NK Nordic Design

Any other shopping secrets you can share? Judith (amazing second hand). Tjallamalla

Favorite summer activity? Going to friends’ summer houses. Sailing through the archipelago, the further out you get the more authentic it gets.

Favorite weekend getaway outside of Stockholm? Visby on the Island Gotland. A medieval town surrounded by walls. Cobble stone streets with lots of amazing cafés and restaurants. A great summer retreat with stunning beaches. It has the most amount of sun hours during the year in Sweden :)

Who is inspiring you right now? Different things inspire me in different ways on different days. 

Who is on your stereo? Bahamas. Bloc party. 

Words you live by...life's a garden, dig it. 

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