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My heart goes out to all the people and communities most affected by this pandemic.
The outpouring of love and kindness we continue to see however is incredibly uplifting, and I think it's really forcing us to look out for ourselves and each other in ways we have never done before.

Here in this new “It’s Beautiful Here in Isolation” series we interview some of our favourite friends
around the world to see how they are doing in isolation, and how they are adapting to this
strange ‘new normal’ way of life.

I was listening to Rich Roll the other day, and his words really struck a chord (as they often do).
He said something to this effect, “Human beings are innately creative. We all hear about how moments of hardship, or moments of constriction and restriction produce the greatest art,
because it is the human will and spirit that is being tested, and the response to that is to find
a creative way forward. In this moment where we are compelled to slow down, it helps us take stock of what is truly important. And the opportunity is to realise the value in that, and to pass
what is extraneous about our fast-paced lives and make a more conscious choice to double
down and invest in those things that are important. And to really avail yourself of this moment,
to engage in that creative spark, and invest in that.”


I love this so much, and find so much truth in his sentiment.


Stay safe, be kind, be gentle, and get creative.

Much love, Gigi x

Beauty in isolation in Berlin.
On lockdown in Malibu.
London lockdown with Moppy Pilcher.
On lockdown in Melbourne's inner North.
Keeping safe and healthy in Sydney.
Sunny and salty in Noosa.
'Shelter in Place' in San Francisco.
Finding Beauty in Isolation in Bondi.
On Lockdown in Lisbon.
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