Stories from the road.

Here we share with you interviews, stories, experiences... basically just bits and bobs from our time on the road.

My heart goes out to all the people and communities most affected by this pandemic. ​

I am especially feeling for my friends and family in Melbourne right now who are doing it very tough under the Stage 4 'State of Emergency' restrictions they find themselves in. Please hang in there.

I have been a thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy? And for me, it's light. I really, really, really love light and the play of light, on everything. I love it so much. I chase it. I follow it around, anticipating its change. It brings me a lot of joy.

I love the visual aspects of life. I love the ocean and being in nature, that makes me happy. I love music.

I also love connection. I thrive on meeting new people and learning their stories. Everyone has a story and I try to give space and time to find out what that is.

And also right now, I am loving dance. I forgot how much joy it can bring. Big ear-to-ear-grinning, kid-like and excitable joy.

And it is with much gratitude that I find myself still able to tap into most of these things right now.

I hope in these times of catastrophic hardship you are still managing to find a little light and magic in your days.

I do hope the travel inspiration you find here and on our feed can help on that journey as well.

Stay safe, be kind, be gentle, and get creative.

Much love, Gigi x