cailli & sam beckerman | beckerman blog | toronto.

cailli & sam beckerman | beckerman blog | toronto.

spotlight on toronto | cailli & sam beckerman.

Names: Cailli and Sam Beckerman - identical twins (Cailli is one minute older, but Sam is taller).

Star sign: Cancer

Hometown: Toronto, Canada 

What do you do here? Fashion Bloggers

Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Crazy Funky Monkey.

What gets you out of bed each day? Our Pomeranians Cubby and Marni who need to be walked and fed!

What makes Toronto special?  Torontonians are the happiest people around! Is that why they say Canadians are so nice? Lol. 

Top 3 favorite coffee spots? Fika Cafe in Kensington, Second Cup and Starbucks.

If we only have one night in Toronto, where should we drink? Dine? Dance?

Drink and dance - le petit castor.

Dine – Fresh, best vegetarian food.

Ultimate Toronto weekend? Walking around Yorkville, Kensington and Ossington.

Favorite weekend getaway outside Toronto? Aberfoyle antique market (best vintage show).

Who is on your stereo? Britney, biggie, Beyoncé, eminent, lordes, dr dre.

And who is inspiring you right now? Badgalriri.

Words you live by…  dress up and have fun!

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